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Come and train with us to learn the timeless secrets of the Samurai and Ninja.

The Dojo has been serving the greater Cincinnati area for over eleven years.

The Dojo teaches non-sport, powerful self-defense and leadership principles that will last a lifetime.

Please call 513-770-0834 to inquire about enrolling in one of our award winning 5-star rated self-protection programs. __________________________________________________

Extra-curricular training opportunities for everyone.

All students. Do not miss Budo classes. It is the most important class of the week for scholarship and rounded skill.

April 24 - Tuesday Weapons Class at 6:15 PM (Naginata-Polearm) Outdoor Training

Wednesday, April 25 -Samurai Class - Traditional (Torite) Grab Defenses in Great Detail. - 7:00-8:00 PM. Do not miss these classes.

Saturday, April 28 -Brown Belt Testing 1-3.

Thursday, May 3 - Evening 7:00 PM Belt Graduation/Celebration.

May 7-12 Street Clothes/Bring a Buddy Week.

Enjoy training in your regular clothes for the whole week. You may also bring a friend to try out a free class as your guest. (Liability waiver must be signed if under age 18)

May 12 - Advanced Sword Seminar - 1:00-3:30 PM. $29.95 each. Sign up at The Dojo or call 513-770-0834 to register.

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Since 2007, The Dojo has been the leader in teaching pragmatic Self-Defense and Leadership Skills to both adult and youth students throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

You can experience a culmination of Nine Martial Lineages and 1,000 years of Martial technology by learning a self-protection system that is so effective that it does not need to rely on strength, physical size, or gender.

The first step is to call 513-770-0834 to schedule your first beginner class as our guest.

We will assist you into the enrollment process and make you feel comfortable from day one.

"Martial Arts is about living a positive and productive life in the service and protection of others. It is not about dominating others for trophies or personal gain."

From day one you will learn: blocks, throws, joint locks, kicks, finishes, strategy,weapons, grappling, striking, vocal commands, pressure points, mind focusing, and defenses from the ground.

We also offer Weapons and Classical Budo classes, where you will learn the history and uses of ancient and modern samurai and ninja weaponry such as the Bo Staff, Sword, Chain, Short Staff, Shuriken and Polearms.

Younger students from ages 6-7 will have fun working on improving focus, self-discipline, confidence, strength, stranger danger escapes, and how to develop a positive and respectful attitude in school and at home.

Youth students from ages 8-13 will learn effective self defense, anti-bullying techniques, self-discipline and confidence that will last a lifetime.

Adults travel up to three days a week from as far as Indiana, Dayton and Kentucky to train in our top-notch self-defense and weapons programs.

Begin your new adventure towards personal mastery. Success comes from action.

Make an appointment to start your first class by calling us at (513) 770-0834.

You can also stop by our school Mon-Thurs 11:00 AM-8:00 PM.

Saturdays 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

7936 S. Mason Montgomery Road

Mason, Ohio 45040

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"Hi Todd, as a Bujinkan practitioner, (7th Dan) I have been enjoying watching your class videos.

Here in Queensland, Australia, Bujinkan practitioners don't tend to share a lot, videos etc. I find your videos a good way to keep motivated.

Keep up the great work!"

Andrew, Australia

"I would love to move to the U.S just to train with you at your school."

Conor - Cork, Ireland

"Although I am only 14, my goal is to save money and move to Ohio to train full time at your school. I watch you all on You Tube all the time."

Kyle Anderson - California