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6/7/16 - Morning Youth Summer classes begin for All Levels Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:15 AM - Noon

6/27 through 6/30 - Youth Summer Ninja Day Camp (see flyer below)

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The Dojo is a unique Samurai and Ninja Self-Protection school located in Mason, Ohio.

Voted #1 since 2007, The Dojo has been teaching pragmatic Self-Defense and Leadership Skills to both Adult and Youth students.

We focus on the cultivation of Self-Discipline through the study of Martial Arts in order to succeed in all areas of life.

Unlike sport arts, we teach powerful, street effective self-defense principles in a non-competitive environment.

Call 513-770-0834 to schedule your first class.

Begin a new adventure at our full-time, professional Black Belt school.




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"You can be anything you want in life, if you apply yourself and never give up."

"Martial Arts is about living a positive and productive life in the service and protection of others. It is not about hurting others for personal gain."

Through the deep study of Japanese Samurai and Ninja Martial Arts. we have trained hundreds of successful people from all ages and walks of life to be the best person that they can be.


Get started on your exciting journey towards personal mastery through the study martial arts.

Adult and Youth beginner Level 1 classes are now enrolling.

Call (513) 770-0834 to schedule a class.

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Learn the no-nonsense philosophies and techniques of the legendary Ninja and Samurai.


From the moment you walk in, you will feel that this is a truly unique space, filled with positive and powerful people.

The techniques you will learn are powerfully effective, and will adapt to your age and body type.

From day one you will learn: blocks, throws, joint locks, kicks, finishes, strategy,weapons, grappling, striking, vocal commands, pressure points, mind focusing, and defenses from the ground.

We also offer classical Budo classes that teach history and uses of ancient and modern samurai and ninja weaponry such as the Bo Staff, Katana, Chain, Short Staff, Shuriken and Polearms.

Please call 513-770-0834 for more information and to schedule your first beginner self-protection class.


We specialize in effective 21st century self-protection principles.

We also work on strengthening our inner confidence and potential in order to succeed in all areas of our personal and professional lives.


Call (513) 770-0834 to set up an appointment for your first class.

Younger students from ages 4-7 will have fun working on improving focus, self-discipline, confidence, strength, stranger danger escapes, and how to develop a positive and respectful attitude in school and at home.


Youth students from ages 8-13 will learn effective self defense, anti-bullying techniques, self-discipline and confidence that will last a lifetime.

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Adults and Youth students of all ages and fitness levels will learn effective self-protection principles.

How is The Dojo different?


On the passing of "The Greatest"

I had the privilege of being a protector for the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali on several occasions in the early 2000's. Ironically, in his prime, the boxer would be far better suited to be mine, as his fighting skills were the stuff of legends.

Whenever the Dalai Lama came to the Midwest, my teachers' small (Marishi Kai) Ninja Protection team was sometimes asked to assist in keeping the peace at these chaotic, public events.

At the time, the Dalai Lama's brother Thubten Jigme Norbu (a Tibetan Lama himself) lived in Bloomington, Indiana. The Dalai Lama's visits would always attract tens of thousands of people and several celebrities.

I remember a Saturday during one of these visits. Everyone on the security detail wanted to guard the Dalai Lama - myself included. I had that opportunity on another day, but this day I was assigned to keep people from entering into Mohammad Ali's personal sleeping quarters. Even at that time, Mr. Ali was wheelchair bound due to the effects of Parkinson's Disease. He always had an entourage assisting him wherever he went, as his speech was also impaired. I remember that he was always smiling and cheerful to me. He would wink and wave to me as he was being escorted by every time he passed me in the hallway - as if to be saying "Thank you for your service."

Although this legendary sportsman was in his heyday well before my time, I was very glad in the end to have been assigned to watch over him that weekend.

He was gracious, humble and always helping others with his fame and fortune.

Rest in peace, man of a thousand fights!

- Todd Ryotoshi Norcross - June 2016 _________________________________________________

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Make an appointment to start your first class by calling us at (513) 770-0834.

You can also stop by our school Mon-Thurs 11:00 AM-8:00 PM.

Saturdays 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

7936 S. Mason Montgomery Road

Mason, Ohio 45040

Serving Greater Cincinnati since 2007

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To Sensei Todd,

"I'm from Sydney, Australia. A practitioner of Ninjutsu and Karate. I came across your YouTube videos and just wanted to say a thank you for sharing. I find your style of teaching and the way you teach every move etc very easy to follow and perfect. A way a teacher should be teaching."

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