The Dojo

Feedback from those who love The Dojo:

"World class instructors with genuine caring for their students. The Dojo provides guaranteed success now and for later in life. You'll be glad you signed up yourself or your family"

- Grandmother of Level 3 Student.

"I can't say enough great things about this school. Money well spent. My 2 girls confidence is amazing partially due to training for the past 6 years.

I highly recommend this school to anyone. The friendship have been great and everyone is interested in helping each other not outdoing their training partner."

- Regena Wood

"Sensei Todd, your teaching style is just the best!!! I would fly all the way from Australia just to train in your dojo.?"

- J. Daniels

"The Dojo has empowered me in ways unimaginable. Now, I'm not a shy middle schooler anymore. The community and the Art itself has given me something that I don't believe I could have found elsewhere. The Dojo has helped shape me into the person I wish to become. I don't think I would be as confident, as self assured, or as prepared for the future, if I had not come to The Dojo."

- Black Belt Student Jessie Dibb

"My son did "Tae Kwon Do" for a year. I felt he still could not handle himself in a real self-defense situation, so we left. We are very happy we switched to The Dojo."

Mrs. H.

"After seven years at another, we switched to The Dojo. The difference was obvious. My daughter has become a leader and teacher, with the skills necessary to keep her safe, because of The Dojo experience."

- Eileen McConkie

"Jessie was marching backwards while playing and the girl in front of her took too big of a stride and stepped on my daughter's foot. Jessie was going down hard on the asphalt with no way to protect herself because she was playing her clarinet. Without even thinking (which she confirmed later), she executed a rear roll, popped right back up, and resumed her place in the formation. I watched her tuck her head, absorb the impact, and basically resume an athletic stance as she rolled thru the fall. What could have been a significant head injury, busted collarbone or broken clarinet turned out to be a minor embarrassment for her in front of the directors. She had a little road rash from the fall, but said she didn’t even realize what she did.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m amazed at the transformation you and your staff have brought about in Jessie. I wanted to let you know that the lessons you teach and the skills you impart have a lasting impact. I’m grateful for all you’ve done for her!"

- Kevin Dibb

"Since I went to The Dojo, I have felt more motivated in school, sports, and to try new things. I have become more honest, trustworthy, and more responsible for my actions. I will carry everything I learned at this dojo for as long as I live."

Alayna - Age 13

"Recently I had a meeting with Bryson's first grade teacher and the first thing she said to me was "Bryson is the most respectful and polite child I have ever had in my classroom". Wow! What a wonderful compliment.

We have been with the Dojo since near the opening of the school and as I thought about the program, the main thing that came to mind was the character building you offer. Though learning to defend yourself and others when necessary is valuable, your martial arts school goes far beyond technique and skill. Every class offers a valuable life lesson and fosters integrity, character and self discipline while challenging and inspiring each individual regardless of age.

So I share the compliment from Bryson's teacher with you and thank you for the wonderful opportunity you offer!"

- Hope Barnett

Several years ago...

"Everyone at the school seemed to have this cool sense of clam and welcoming attitude that was infectious. They were everything I wanted to be as a shy seventh grader."

Several years later...

"What does it mean to be a black belt? It means that I am the master of my future. It is proof that I am not a quitter. I am a determined human being and no hardship will stop me from gaining what I wish to achieve. It is a reminder of all of the people who have helped me up to this point and all the memories I share with them. To me, it shows the transformation from child to adult."

R. Buchanan - High School student

"The Dojo is the best martial arts school. We have been coming here for seven years now, and it has had a profound influence on me and my son."

- Gail Greene

"My grandson was bullied at school and the teacher did nothing about it. Since my grandson has been training at The Dojo, he stands taller and exudes confidence. I am thankful because he has been able to control his own destiny and protect himself in dangerous situations."

- Faye Curran

"The dojo has helped support the values we have tried to instill in our children. Our 9 year old became a black belt and it improved his confidence. Now, our 4 year old has started training, and is learning skills that will last a lifetime."

- Brittany Singleton

On becoming a black belt at The Dojo - "We all had the same goal. We were all on the same path to reach something that in the past none of us thought we could reach. I have finally achieved that goal of Black Belt, and the maturity and discipline of it as well. Mentally, I can walk around with more pride and confidence than I ever had before."

- Tanner D. Age 13.

"Without The Dojo, and it's society within it, my life would be, honestly, pretty dull. I would not have the disciplined life I have now. I have learned basic morals and discipline in the discussions we have had. Here I am now, with confidence and knowledge, all because of The Dojo's impact on my life." - Anant Ramji - Age 12

"Master Norcross is a fantastic educator. His patience and enthusiasm has made a real difference in our lives."

"The philosophical aspect of training has really helped me with my overall happiness."

"Most schools around here are like playtime gyms. The Dojo teachers give a lot of individual attention."

"High fives to the leaders at The Dojo. They teach fearless defense, self discipline, respect for others, and a desire for educational achievement. Best of all, the students have great fun in The Dojo classes!"

- Mary Price