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Our Instructors & Staff Members

Our Instructors have spent decades devoted to training in the martial arts and have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify them as teachers and also mentors.

Through extensive testing and certification, our staff now enjoy sharing their skill and passing it on to their students.

Todd Ryotoshi Norcross  (Chief Instructor/Dojo Cho)
Ryotoshi Sensei began studying Uechi-Ryu Karate at the age of twelve in Massachusetts. In 1985, he began traveling the U.S to train in Ninjutsu at the Kinryu "Barn Dojo" with An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes. He continued regular trips to Ohio for weekend seminars with Hayes and Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. He was first published in the 1987's Musubi Journal, doing an interview with Mr. Hayes. He first trained with Shihan Mark Davis at the Boston dojo in 1987. Throughout the years, he has attended dozens of Tai Kais, Advanced Workshops, Seminars and events with Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Fumio Manaka, Shoto Tanemura,as well as several other Japanese and Worldwide Budo Instructors. In 1999, he moved permanently from Massachusetts to Ohio to become a personal student of An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes.

Sensei Norcross holds Black Belt Rankings in Budo(8th Dan) Bujinkan(5th Dan Shidoshi) - Sakki Test by Dai Shihan 15th Dan Arnaud Cousergue, To-Shin Do (Sandan in 2007) and Uechi Ryu Karate (Shodan in 1993). He was a member of the Marishi-Kai protectors guild. He has body-guarded several times for the Dalai Lama, Muhammad Ali and other celebrities and dignitaries. He is certified through Wright State University in Anti-Bullying Psychology. From 2002-2005, he co-founded and taught hundreds of students at Spirit Quest - a non-profit inner city youth program with 5 locations.

In 2007, he was awarded the warrior name "Ryotoshi", which means "Knight of the Blade of Clear Truth." He was also given the eastern name "Ho Un" or "Dharma Cloud" in 2004. He has over 20,000 hours of on the mat teaching experience. Outside of the dojo, he has Degrees in both Philosophy and Record Engineering. He is a music producer, painter, and author. He has written and recorded 31 original albums of music - including songs for television and film.

Ryotoshi Sensei is available for martial arts, leadership, meditation, and advanced weapons seminars, worldwide. Private lesson fees: $150 per hour. For full day martial art seminars and workshops, please inquire @

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Todd Norcross
David Johnson  (Instructor-3rd Degree Black Belt (Bushi)
David spent twelve years as a Special Forces U.S Army officer serving in Desert Storm and Okinawa. He enjoys teaching the ground strategies classes. He also runs our outdoor tactical and survival camps. Outside The Dojo, Dave runs full marathons and is a talented painter and artist.

David Johnson
Zane Danes  (Instructor-Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt)
Mr. Danes has a real passion for Budo, which you can experience in his classes. He earned a Shodan Black Belt in the art of Jukado. He works in Information Technology (IT) as a Project Manager for Johnson and Johnson. Inside The Dojo, he enjoys working with the adults and kids and learning the art of the Japanese sword and Classical Budo. Outside The Dojo, Zane enjoys golfing, spending quality time with his family and exercising.

Zane Danes  The Dojo Martial Arts
Blake Norfleet  (Instructor-Sandan 3rd Degree Black Belt (Bushi)
Blake is a parts/maintenance coordinator for Kroger Co. and serves about seventy five technicians and 115 stores throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area. In The Dojo, Blake enjoys unarmed classes and the Bo staff. Blake has a great energy and easy going spirit in The Dojo. He loves working the youth and adult classes and is always willing to help new students. Off the mat, he enjoys quality time with his wife and kids. He also enjoys working on cars and painting.

Blake Norfleet
Tristan Sprenger  (Assistant Instructor - Brown Belt)
Mr. Sprenger is a great addition to the teaching staff here at The Dojo.
He enjoys instructing the Little Ninjas classes and the Youth students. Parents and students alike love Tristan's great attitude and welcoming smile.
He has been on King’s High School Honor Roll for the past 2 years with an amazing 4.0 GPA.
His favorite weapon is the Hanbo. Outside The Dojo, Tristan enjoys running and is a good cook.

Tristan Sprenger
Vibha Ramesh  (Jr. Instructor - 1st Degree Black Belt)
Vibha enjoys helping out with the Little Ninjas and Dragons, as well as the Youth Level 1 classes. She has won various awards at music exams and science competitions.

She is the President of her school class.

Her favorite thing about Budo is that there are so many variations of techniques, and that there is so much to learn! She enjoys learning about the Kusari Fundo (flexible chain weapon), and the Shuriken (ninja throwing stars). In her free time she enjoys reading and writing, as well as playing the piano and violin.

Vibha at The Dojo Martial Arts
Aidan Murray  (Jr. Leader/1st Degree Black Belt)
Aidan enjoys helping out with the Little Dragons and Little Ninja classes. Inside The Dojo, Aidan enjoys learning the Bo Staff, Jo Staff, Hanbo and Shuriken throwing stars.
Aidan also enjoys reading, writing stories, playing guitar and String Bass.

Aidan Murray
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