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Students and enthusiasts of martial arts have many reasons for their shared interest. Some people are drawn to the physical fitness and long-term health benefits of training. Others seek to add discipline and mastery to their lives. While still others are concerned about safety and self-defense.

Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, The Dojo offers a number of programs that will fit your personal needs and your busy schedule as well.

FAQ: How do the belts work at your school?

Level 2 explores many scenarios that build skill
Level 2 - Learning the Water and Fire Elements
Level 2-Water and Fire Elements

(For graduates of the Level 1 Program)

This course builds on the success generation principles of personal confidence, ability to recognize potential danger, and capacity to respond effectively to the scenarios that you learned in the Level 1 Foundations of Self-Protection course.

Your journey towards Black Belt will continue with concentrated focus in the following areas:

Advanced practical and effective self-protection skills.

Refinement of technique and strategy.

Opportunity to qualify to join the Black Belt club.

Advanced leadership training.

Learning to mentor others towards success and happiness.

Meditation and stress reduction training.

Opportunity to work with weapons and earn specialized degrees.

Qualified candidates have the opportunity to coach others in our Instructors College.

Little Ninja making new friends
Little Ninjas - Minimum age is 6
The Dojo is committed to teaching the next generations how to gain the tools of personal responsibility needed for true success in life.

The "Little Ninja" Prep Course program is the best way to prepare our 6 and 7 year old children in the basics of the martial arts.

This program includes age-specific teaching methods, exercises, games, and activities that will spark the growth of your child in all four areas of development including physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills.

All new students will begin in this program, designed to have fun, while teaching valuable skills that will last a lifetime. These classes are great for Stranger Danger and confidence building.

Note: Children who are not mature enough for this class will be excused until they are old enough to grasp the concepts of the classes.

Around age 8, children may be eligible to move into our "Youth" program.

Advanced grappling -
Level 3 - Learning the Wind element
Level 3-Wind

As graduates of the Level 2 course, you will progress deeper into the lore and technologies that have been handed down for centuries in an unbroken lineage. Green and Brown Level students flourish to become protectors of society and brightness in the world. In Level 3 you will learn the following:

Wind techniques of power.

Advanced martial art philosophy.

Learn hidden (ura) principles of Budo.

Dealing with multiple attackers.

Advanced target striking.

Advanced leadership concepts.

Advanced meditation and visualizations.

Mentoring multiple students/community service.

Opportunity to work toward and earn degrees in advanced weaponry (knives, swords, flexible weaponry, projectiles, etc.)

Opportunity to qualify to become a trainer or instructor and earn your Black Belt.

Masters Class - The real beginning of the deep teachings
Level 4 - Black Belt Advanced Class
(Sho-dan) 1st degree and above

Heroic living in the 21st century is the focus of our training in this program. Designed for advanced practitioners who have passed through the gates of black belt, we will go way beyond the basics and explore inner secrets of the ninja in the following areas:

Advanced martial art practices and drills.

Access to the higher level scrolls of nine Japanese historical Budo lineages.

Refinement of advanced techniques and strategy.

Developing your own personal style and weapon specialization.

Learn the highest secret principles of protecting others.

Dealing with multiple attackers and obstacles.

Expanding influence to benefit society.

Advanced Leadership concepts.

Advanced Meditations and Powerful Living Philosophy.

Teaching the teachers (living the example).

Opportunity to continue education in advanced weaponry (knives, swords, staves, rope and chains, pole arms, projectiles, etc.)

Opportunity to qualify to become a professional fully licensed instructor or school owner.

The Dojo’s martial arts training does not stop at black belt. This ongoing training is the equivalent of higher education degrees such as Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates.

The Dojo Youth Program Ninja Coaching Team
Youth All Level Ages 7-12
Training for all levels of youth students ages 7-12.

Martial Arts The Dojo Ninjutsu Cincinnati Mason Ohio
Adults - All Levels Class
Training classes for all Levels of Adult students from Beginner White Belts to Advanced Black Belt.

Anti-Bullying training
Level 1 Youth Ages 7-12
Beginner's Fundamentals Classes for youth students ages 7-12

Youth Classes - Anti Bullying and respect principles
Level 2 & Level 3 - Youth only
Training classes for intermediate and advanced students

Anti-bullying and confidence training
Level 1-Youth only
Budo basics and anti-bullying training for youth students ages 7-13

Samurai Restraining Opponent
Wednesday Samurai/Ninja Class - Open Class for all members and levels
Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Open to all Levels of students. Ages 12 and up.

The Dojo takes pride in the skilful transmission of Traditional Japanese martial arts (Budo). Students have the opportunity to learn and become proficient in one or several of the following areas of specialized study:

Go-Shin Bo Taijutsu – Unarmed combat Ninpo Taijutsu – Unarmed combat Kenjutsu – Long and short sword Iaido – Drawing and cutting techniques Bojutsu – 6 ft. Staff Han-Bo-Jutsu – Short staff and cane Naginata – Pole arms Tanto-Jutsu – Knife Kusari-Fundo – Chain and rope arts So-Jutsu – Spear arts Shuriken-Jutsu – Projectile weapons Ukemi – Receiving and break fall skills Randori – Multiple attackers Newaza – Ground fighting

Our tradition spans back over a thousand years and is proven to give us the tools we need to be effective and powerful protectors of ourselves, our families and our communities.

Black Belt Club Members
Black Belt Club (BBC) Members Only
Saturdays 12:15-1:00 PM.

Special training preparation class for BBC (black "gi" uniform) members only. Various weapons, "off the curriculum" techniques, and high level defensive concepts that will round out the practitioners skill.

Students are invited into the BBC after a minimum of 1 year of training and are in good standing at The Dojo.

Todd Norcross Sword - Ichi No Kamae
Tuesday Weapons Class - All Levels
This weekly class is open to all levels from Beginners to Old Pros. We will practice martial weaponry (of various modern and classical classifications) in order to be fully prepared for anything that the environment offers us out on the street.

Have you ever rolled your eyes at someone who thought that they were a master of weapons because they watched a few movies or watched a few You Tube videos? You can be one of the few who doesn't just talk the talk, but actually walks the walk. One must train with other people for countless hours on the mat in order to develop the muscle memory that is required to perform weaponry with reliable results.

This special class, open to all adults and youth students, is designed for the serious practitioner who wishes to practice the many different tools of the classical and modern defender.

Come and train with us, every Tuesday at 6:15 PM.

Unlike other schools that pressure you buy all of the equipment and weapons first, The Dojo will provide students with the safe practice tools that they will need.

Masters Club at The Dojo Cincinnati Budo Ninjutsu School
Masters Club
Events, Specialized Training and Information designated for only those who achieve the rare Nidan 2nd Degree (and above) at The Dojo.

Special Saturday Dojo Workshops and Seminars
Special Dojo Extra Workshops and Seminars. 1:00-3:00 PM Whenever Scheduled

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our programs or would like to know about other programs that may not be listed here.